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Christ Image Bible College is a prophetic school of ministry. We exist to prepare men and

women to operate in the supernatural. God is raising up a new breed of prophetic revivalists and Christ Image Bible College has been commissioned to lead the way in prophetic instruction. These courses are not only for those in full-time ministry, but for all of God’s people who are hungry for more. CIBC is a place where God will bring the supernatural into your natural learning experience. Together your Faith and God’s Anointing will come together to produce life, birth new ministries to fulfil the great commission that God himself has given you. CIBC says as Jesus says, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…” (Matthew 28:19) CIBC wants to make sure you a fully equipped for the task. 

CIBC provides quality Spirit-anointed biblical instruction, academic training and practical education to men and women called into the Five-Fold Ministry. The ministry program also

provides instruction for those who desire to become better equipped in other areas of Christian service. 

Some of these areas are: Learning to hear and follow the voice of God, understanding the principles of the Bible, and how to allow the Holy Spirit to apply these principles to various disciplines of life. These are some of the major focuses of CIBC. CIBC students are guided into building a broad-based paradigm for discovering truth. They will discern their God-given motivations and giftedness, and how to use them to flow in the anointings of God. Upon completion, students will become skilled at integrating the Word and the Spirit for effective ministry and any area of Christian service.

Christ Image Bible College campus is contained on Revival City’s 10 acres facility of lush foliage and beautiful landscaping. This provides an environment of peace and serenity in which students are able to concentrate without distractions. Its facilities are shared by Christ Image International Church. Classrooms are housed within separate buildings on Revival City campus.

©2022 Christ Image Bible College

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