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Jesus didn’t say, “according to my power or according to my will receive.” We have a responsibility to read the Word and act on it daily. Jesus asked them in V.28, “Do you believe I am “able” to do this?”

‘Power’ speaks of ability and ‘Will’ refers to God’s discretion or freedom. But that’s not how these blind men received their healing. They said yes Jesus we believe you have the power to heal. But Jesus didn’t say to them “according to my ability or power receive.” No. Jesus said, “according to your faith.”

God has the power to make something good happen to you today. But it will not happen according to God’s power or God’s freedom but according to your FAITH. Religion teaches that God is sovereign, and He is in control of everything. So, what I need will happen according to God’s will regardless of whether I participate or not. No. Faith is the believer’s responsibility to reach out, lay hold of and receive the blessing God has promised you.

Jesus said: According to YOUR FAITH RECEIVE what you need.

PRAYER: Faith in the name of Jesus, I see in your word that it is your will for me to walk in my double blessings this month. And now by faith, I receive everything you have for me today in the name of Jesus!

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1 Comment

Nov 28, 2020

According to my Faith, I believe that my Father will heal our land and the church will return to the Kingdom of God. Amen!! Thank you for the lesson and the living scripture .

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