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Everyone can be a child of God, but God is looking for Sons. For you to become a Son, you need to grow from being a child into becoming a son. There are responsibilities and expectations placed on sons which are not placed on children. Sons command authority, sons produce proof – living proof. The scripture states clearly - Jesus Christ of Nazareth, a man approved of God. Say a man! NOT Jesus Christ of Nazareth, God approved of God among you by miracles. The Bible emphasizes Jesus’ humanity. So, it is possible that a man, living on this earth can operate in the class of God. I said, it is possible that a man living on this earth can live and operate in the class of God. I prophesy today, that you are about to shift levels and move into another class. You are about to cease being earthly and start operating in the class of your heavenly father. If you are not experiencing that in your life now, you need to pray and say, “Lord let there be miracles and signs and wonders in my life.”

You need proofs to be accredited, Jesus was publicly endorsed. He was accredited by God. Not by His teachings or encouragements but by the miracles and wonders and signs He did.


Lift up your right hand now and say, “oh Lord, after today whatever I speak, whatever I say, let something happen.” Do you believe that? If you believe, give God praise.

Declaration: Say it out loud, “After today, when I speak my words will come to pass in Jesus Name.” Amen!


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