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Born As A Child, Given As A Son

In the above Scripture, we see the nature of ‘sonship’ in Jesus Christ the first begotten of the Father. This scripture prophetically speaks of Jesus becoming a child, though He is in fact, eternally a Son. He was born as child… and He was given to manifest to the world as a Son.

And the text clearly shows that because Sonship is something Jesus ultimately manifests in His life, through becoming a child and submitting to the Father as a Son, He inherited authority and power.

His ‘Sonship’ was set for us to follow, as adopted sons of God. His Sonship was not only His ‘status’ by name but was also experienced. He did not need to enter into the ‘experience’ of sonship since He was already God. Yet, because He was born as a child, He needed to grow and become a Son. Jesus even said in His teaching, that unless we become as little children, we cannot receive or enter the Kingdom- sonship. (Matthew 18:3)

PRAYERS: Heavenly father, I thank you for this eye-opening revelation on sonship. I confess that I’m born again, I am born of God, I am born as a child in the kingdom of God. By divine rights, I receive spiritual power to grow into a son of God by faith in the name of Jesus.


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