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The ten spies gave an evil report and it resulted in Israel turning back into the wilderness. Here is how to recognize an evil report, discern the motives behind it, and stop it when you are confronted by it.

Recognizing an evil report.

-It will raise questions about the motives or actions of others. -It will discredit spiritual leadership. -It will cause division and strife. -It always focuses on the negative.

-The person will create curiosity. They may say "You won't believe what I heard." -They will claim to have access to inside information. -They may disguise it as a request for counsel. "I need your opinion on a matter." -An evil report can come in the form of a prayer request which shares gossip as it is given. -An evil report is often shared as a concern. The person says, "I am deeply concerned about this."

Discerning motives for an evil report.

-Pride: To exalt themselves, a person puts down someone else. -Envy: A person secretly desires what others have, so they criticize them. -Guilt: A person transfers his guilt to others by pointing out their faults. -Bitterness: A person has been hurt, so they hurt others with their words. -Rebellion: Read the story of rebellious Absalom in 2 Samuel 15. One way to recognize a

rebellious motive is by statements similar to those made by Absalom: "If I were the leader I would....."

Stopping an evil report.

Ask the person giving the report the following questions: -"Why are you telling me this?" -"Where did you get this information?"

(A person giving an evil report usually will not want to tell you their source.) -"Have you gone to the person you are talking about according to the principles of

Matthew 18:15-17"? -"Have you checked the facts, or are you just repeating what you heard?" -"Can I quote you when I check out the facts on this?" -"Do you think this qualifies as the things upon which we are to focus according to

Philippians 4:8?" Or you may just simply say..."I really do not want to hear this."


My FATHER, My God, this year let

my life reflect the blessing of the Lord, I shall not be static, I decree PROGRESS, FAVOR, HONOR, AND INFLUENCE are my portion. My life is SALTED, My speech is SALTED, My Home and Business are SALTED in the name of Jesus.


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