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I often say to people, “problems are not forever, they will soon be over.” That is because a problem may last for a while, but it will not be everlasting.

I prophesy today that because you have chosen to sit under this prophetic covering of the servant of God prophet Steve Mbua, that your problems will not be everlasting in Jesus name!

What are stubborn problems? These are problems that have lasted a long time. They are spiritual in nature and are problems of long standing. They can also be defined as problems that have defied natural solutions.

These are problems that caused your parents to fail, they caused your mother and your siblings to fail, and now the same problems are manifesting in your life.

When a problem becomes stubborn, it makes it difficult for a person to receive a major breakthrough in life. But that is not God’s agenda for your life in Jesus name.

Stubborn problems make people fight battles all their lives without understanding why. They just realize that all their efforts to move forward prove abortive.

But I declare today that every stubborn problem in your life will bow its knees to the mighty name of Jesus.


My Father my God, I declare today, that every stubborn problem assigned to destroy me, catch fire now in the name of Jesus!

I command every long-term affliction on my life and family to catch fire now, in the name of Jesus.

Every generational bondage that is causing limitations on my results catch fire now in the name of Jesus.



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