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Effects Of The Blessing

Today let us consider the life of Abraham. A man who was richly blessed by God. In Genesis chapter 12, we are told of how he obeyed God's instruction based on the encounter he had earlier with God. He left his family and moved out to a land that he did not know about. And while he was obeying, God promised to bless and multiply him. The effect of God's blessing upon him is recorded in chapter 13 of Genesis. Verse 2 of that passage says "And Abram was very rich in cattle, in silver, and in gold". The point is this: when the blessing of God comes upon you, your prosperity is inevitable. Once you are blessed by Him, nothing can withstand or withhold your greatness. This is because God Himself is involved. It is also important that you get this fact clear which is God's blessing is never limited to material acquisition. No. God's blessing cuts across every area of your life. Looking at it based on material things is limiting the potency of His blessing. When God's blessing comes upon you, your health will benefit from it; your family will enjoy it and even your business/career will also feel the impact. God's blessing is all-round. It does not impact a part of you and leave out the other areas; it cuts across everything that is named after you. The beautiful thing about it all is that when the blessing of the Lord comes upon you, you end up as the envy of everyone around you.

PRAYER: Heavenly Father, I have lived on the curse side of life in my finances, business, family and in my relationships. Fortify me by your Spirit to cross over into the blessing side of life from this day. I choose to obey your word and to live and walk in the blessing. In Jesus name, Amen!


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