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The Absalom spirit has imported more hell to earth than anyone can imagine. Thousands of Christian leaders and fathers have struggled to understand the strife, malice and divisions in their growing ministries and families. Their reaction usually is “What’s going on here?” when they are facing an Absalom-like personality.

By far, the greatest confusion, chaos, and leadership pain come when these sincere pastors and fathers came face to face with an Absalom spirit.

This spirit brings chaos and confusion. It is responsible for breaking up churches and families. It is anti-authority spirit. That targets the genuine and God-fearing ministers and fathers. If allowed, it can split the church – separate spiritual fathers from their children and husbands from their wives. This spirit works through anyone who makes themselves available e.g church members, spiritual sons and even your very own biological children. The biblical story of Absalom is not a pretty one. Read about it in 2 Samuel 14 through 18.

Absalom is an imposter spirit—a usurper

People who possess the Absalom spirit are typically frustrated with their lives, their perceived level in life or they are hungry for quick results.

They often search for value in personal pursuits rather than in God Himself and thus become like the man Solomon described.

“Throughout their lives, they live under a cloud—frustrated, discouraged, and angry.” Ecclesiastes 5:17 NLT

They frequently imagine they deserve more recognition than what their achievements merit.

(2 Samuel 18:18 AMPL)

Here are some Pointers of an Absalom Spirit:

Big dreams, but blame others, for blocking those dreams.

They feel their perceived level of wisdom is being ignored, or their super gifts are not being put to use.

They have false criteria—Absalom had a way of judging everything by his own criteria.

A modern Absalom gets offended at leadership, then, secretly arranges the subtle “execution” of the leader’s reputation, achievements, or integrity.

An Absalom spirit typically harbors camouflaged bitterness, unresolved offenses, disappointments, and anger.

An Absalom spirit thrives on hidden agendas, concealed strategies, and secret alliances.

Absalom is a master of manipulation and flattery.

Absalom feeds his followers with his fault-finding and critical spirit.

An Absalom spirit exhibits false humility, yet proudly believes he is wiser and better than the appointed leader or head of the home. (2 Samuel 15:5)

When an Absalom spirit is at work in a church, home or business, you will notice turmoil, confusion, and will probably experience a twisted stomach and a bombardment of your thought life because of the demonic release of an Absalom spirit.

Paul spoke of this rebellious spirit becoming more dominant as we approach the Lord’s coming.

2 Thessalonians 2:7 AMPL “For the mystery of lawlessness (that hidden principle of rebellion against constituted authority) is already at work in the world …”

The Absalom spirit believes he can do your job, take care of himself and take care of the people you lead better than you.

In time, the Absalom spirit maneuvers to demonize the leader or father of the house, betraying him by killing his influence among as many followers or siblings as possible.

It sounds eerily similar to Lucifer’s betrayal of God, and his capturing the hearts of one-third of the angelic forces.

If you’re a pastor, leader, father of a household or business owner, you cannot coddle an unrepentant person who carries this Absalom spirit.

You cannot afford to leave an arrogant Absalom-type in any position of authority in your church, home or your business.


My Father, My God, I bind the spirit of Absalom trying to infiltrate my life, church, home and business in the name of Jesus.

I refuse to lend my ear, my mind or my body to be used by this spirit to cause division in my church and family in the name of Jesus

I command the chains of this spirit to be broken from my children, my family and I declare our total deliverance in the mighty name of Jesus.



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