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How Deep Is Your Walk With Jesus?

All through the Bible, the stories of great men and women point in one direction – they all had a close relationship with God and as a result, they were able to fulfill their destinies. Modern science and civilization may lure some people to relegate the potency of the spiritual to the background in determining the physical, but you should not be deceived, you can do nothing without the backing of God. You need to grow spiritually on a daily basis, otherwise, you won’t be able to grow in other areas of your life. For you to deepen your walk with Jesus, you need to develop a life of daily devotion, study of the Word of God and a life of prayer. You need to also evangelize and win souls to the Kingdom of God.

The deeper your walk with Jesus the more you know Him. When you deepen your walk with Jesus, you are guaranteed success in all areas of life, because you would be able to develop the ability to hear from God and be able to see beyond the realm of the physical. Your walk with Jesus guarantees the blessing, secures your health, enhances fruitfulness, ensures protection and all round success – Exodus 23:25-27.


Dear Heavenly Father, with a thirsty heart I pray that You teach me your ways and help me do Your will. May all my activities today and of the future move me to a deeper walk with You; thank You Father, in Jesus name!


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