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Don’t be a victim of your circumstances. Don’t allow yourself to be tormented. Don’t simply sit back when life seems to be falling apart. Don’t live your life in terms of human energy. Ask for the blessing of God’s Holy Spirit power. Let God’s power enable you to rise above the limits of your life. Start declaring like the apostle Paul today, “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” Philippians 4:13

If you ever become overwhelmed by how much you think you have to do to arrive at complete wholeness, or if you have doubts about whether you can actually do all that’s required, then you need to remind yourself that the Holy Spirit accomplishes wholeness in you, as you allow Him. Let Him do it through His power He infuses in you. All you have to do is tell God that you want His ways to become your ways, and then take one step of faith at a time in the right direction as it is revealed to you. You only need to be concerned with the step you are on. What good is God’s power to you if you never receive and use it? Open the gift of power and blessing He has given you today. Your life depends on the power of God and the blessing.


This morning, I want you to say, “Father God, I need a fresh flow of Your Holy Spirit power working in me this day. I am weak, but You are all-powerful. Be strong in me this day.” This is a power-full prayer of blessing.

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