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Jesus The Author of Our Deliverance

Salvation is “the masterpiece of eternity! There were so many difficulties to be overcome in the plan of salvation, It required the dying anguish of an Only Son.”

When Zacharias prophesied, he probably was speaking primarily concerning God’s promises to deliver the nation of Israel from her enemies and to restore Israel to her rightful place among the nations and the inheritance God had promised them.

So, when he speaks of salvation in these verses, he is implying temporal, physical salvation from enemies like the Roman government.

The Purpose Of His Coming

“And has raised up a horn of salvation for us In the house of His servant David.” Luke 1:69

Horns were a symbol of power. To “exalt or raise the horn” is to confer power and authority upon.

Thus a “horn of salvation” would mean a mighty salvation or a strong savior – the strength of Israel and of David.

Jesus Is The Author Of Deliverance

Deliverance focuses on tearing down spiritual strongholds in one’s life, finding inner healing, and claiming the victory in Christ over all enemies. Jesus came to deliver us from the oppressor, to give us victory over the powers of darkness, soul ties, curses, and the “legal rights” of demons. – Just like Israel needed deliverance from the Romans. The Bible says:

“And hath raised up an horn of salvation for us in the house of his servant David. That we should be saved from our enemies, and from the hand of all that hate us” Luke 1:69,71

Zacharias knew that Mary and Joseph were of royal decent and that the baby Mary was carrying was a descendant of the house of David. The horn signifies glory, dignity, strength and power.

And so because the Messiah was to be a horn of salvation from the house of David, He will be strong and majestic. He will be mighty. And since He is the horn of salvation, He will be strong to save and to deliver. Strong to deliver Israel from what? From the persecution of Rome.

For many years, this was prophesied by God’s holy prophets saying, “That we should be saved from our enemies, and from the hand of all that hate us.”

In keeping with this prophetic word, Israel had been waiting for a deliverer who would be strong enough to save them from their enemies.

So, although these verses may not directly apply to us, we can draw principles from them and apply the principles. The main principle is that Jesus Christ came to deliver us from our enemies.

He is the author of our deliverance. Our greatest enemies today are sin, poverty, sickness, Satan, death and hell. Jesus Christ came for you and I, to deliver us from these enemies. So, I want us to look at these verses (Luke 1: 67-75) from that perspective.

Have you been hated before by anyone? Do you know anyone in the world who hates you? Satan hates us because we belong to Jesus, and he hates everything that belongs to God. People hate us because we are on fire for God. The world hates us also. I have been hated by many people over the years and persecuted for my faith in Jesus Christ. Jesus said that the world will hate us because it hated Him first. John 15:18


Thank you Lord for raising a horn of salvation for us! I receive deliverance from spiritual strongholds in my life

I receive inner healing

I claim victory in Christ over all my enemies I receive deliverance from oppression

I have received victory over the powers of darkness

I have victory over soul ties

I have victory over curses and the “legal rights” of demons Today in Jesus name!



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