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God sometimes brings us through the long, hard way to test us, humble us and to see if we will keep His commandments in the wilderness. When issues trigger in our lives such that we become overwhelmed by them, and we don’t know what to do, we must go down on our knees and pray.

The Lord has given us a sure invitation saying, “Call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me.” We must not be feeble during these times but strong in prayer in order to sail through them.

Here are three reasons why we must pray in times of trouble:

1.​ God is an ever-present help in times of trouble.

Psalms 46:1 (NIV) “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.”

God has a pedigree in helping His children out of trouble. We can really be assured that as we lift up prayer to our heavenly Father, our voices will be heard in heaven and He’ll answer us speedily.

2.​ To be counted worthy to escape.

Luke 21:36 (NKJV) “Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.”

In these last days, difficult times will come, but God will consider us worthy of escape when we earnestly pray in our difficult moments.

3.​ So we do not enter into temptation.

Matthew 26:41 (NKJV) says, “Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

Prayer helps us avoid certain trials and temptations that will have a damaging impact on us. Prayer also draws strength from God to help us overcome the ones we must go through. So we must adequately prepare ourselves by submitting to God in prayer, before we can resist the devil for him to flee from us.

Precious one, let us not lose strength in times of trouble and difficulty. Be watchful in prayer so that the ever-present helping God will count you worthy to escape every challenge and to overcome every temptation.


Heavenly Father, strengthen me with might in my inner man by Your Spirit to stand in prayer, in order to withstand in the evil day, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Scriptural References:

Psalms 50:15

James 4:7

Ephesians 6:10-18


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