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The future belongs to those who can value and maintain DESTINY

RELATIONSHIPS against all odds. There are people that INSPIRE you

and there are people who EXPIRE you. You don’t need everybody for you

to achieve your dream; you only need Relevant People. The gift of men is

better than the gift of money.

Success is a product, among other things, of potent Relationships. You

dearly need not just relationships, but powerful relationships.

RELATIONSHIPS are the new currency. Relationships are bridges, those

who lack one are cut short of certain supplies. Relationships are built. Build

one before you will need one. They may be sacrificial when it comes to

building them, but they pay mightily in generational terms. Never be in a

relationship where you aren’t contributing anything.

One thing about relationships is that they all have strengths and

weaknesses. Learn to manage the weakness, and you will have the full

complement and advantage of the strengths inherent in it.

Show me the POWER CONTACTS in your life and I can tell the

AUTHORITY at your command.


Father in the name of Jesus I pray for a God sent relationship to come into

my life and inspire me to my next level in the name Jesus.


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