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One of the prayer giants in the bible is Daniel. He believed in prayer.

In Daniel 2; Daniel prayed with his brothers and God showed him the interpretation of the king’s dream.This year- our year of “Divine Reset” - God will speak to you through dreams and visions.

Persistent Prayer and study of the word will make you sensitive to the Spirit of God and will speed up deliverance.

While worrying will prolong your stay in the problem.

Because Daniel was a praying man, He had a lot of spiritual insight. He was able to identify the principalities that were attempting to block him.

Anytime you start praying, you are moving the hand of God. Just as God assigns His angels to take charge over you, the devil also assign demons to limit and attack you.

That’s why we must pray always to bind the strong man and stop the attack before he comes.

Read Matthew 26:41

There are different types of power ruling this life. But the power of God is greater than all of them. However, God’s power can only be activated through a consistent and persistent prayer life.

Psalm 62:11 God speaks once; when it comes to His power, He speaks twice.

We must activate the power of God in prayer because of all the enemies that surround us on every side. Paul was ever conscious of this fact when he said:

Read 1 Corinthians 16:9

An adversary is an opposer, enemy or one sent ahead of you to impede your progress.

That’s why Jesus says don’t pray when they are here pray before they attack you. Matthew 26:41

When God declared this year is your year of “Divine Reset,” satan announced in the realms of hell that any open door will be blocked by adversaries.

Declare: May your prayer cause a standard to be raised against your enemies in the name of Jesus.

Instead of feeling frustrated, disorganised or focusing on your problems, pray. You must resist all resistance and trouble all your troubles.

There is a hindering spirit that wants to stop your breakthrough. This month, do not allow it. Claim your victory through prayer!

Break every barrier, chain and limitation. Whatever was supposedly impossible in your life shall be manifested through the supernatural power of God.

Just like Daniel prayed, we must pray earnestly and continually.

Don’t take prayer for granted. Read James 5:17 NLT &AMP

If there was any time where you’ve experienced favour, it will be this season. By the natural calculation of things, there are things you don’t deserve. But by the supernatural calculation of things, God has decided that you will get them.

Daniel 6:10 Develop a praying habit. What man cannot do, God will do.

When you pray, you are having fellowship with God and communicating with Him. It is a deep appeal from a child to his father.

Ask God for help; He is your helper. 2 Chronicles 20:3-4

Read Ecclesiastes 9:11

Prayer is reckoning that the race is not for the swift or the battle for the strong. It is not because you are the best, but because He is the greatest. You must rely on God.

That’s why David said in Psalm 127:1

Read John 15:5 Prayer is acknowledging that without God you can do nothing. Don’t trust in your own might or understanding. Depend on Him. He can do what man cannot do.

Some postures for prayer: •Bow down (Psalm 95:6) •Kneel before him (Psalm 95:6) •Fall on your face (Matthew 26:39) •Stand (Mark 11:25) •Lie down on your face (2 Samuel 12:16)

Find time to pray anywhere and everywhere. Pray in your car, in your office and at home. In this year of the supernatural, whatever belongs to you, pray until you receive it!

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Kameesha Hughes


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