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Testimonies are the keys to miracles

The word testimony is the Greek word – Marturia meaning “evidence given (judicially)”

The Bible is a book of evidence of things that God can do, God has done, and God will do.

And when we don’t appreciate and consider testimonies, our spiritual understanding is short-circuited, and our expectations for miracles will be crippled.

In Mark 6, Jesus supernaturally or miraculously multiplies bread and fish and fed more than five thousand people.

The Bible says: And they did all eat, and were filled. And they took up twelve baskets full of the fragments, and of the fishes. Mark 6:42-43

And not long after that, His disciples got into trouble at mid sea why? In verse 52 it says, because they did not consider the previous miracle of the loaves.

In other words, they took the miracle for granted. It did not penetrate their hearts neither did they understand the purpose. And that was because their hearts were hardened.

The New Living Translation says, “Their hearts were too hard to take it in.”

PRAYER: Father in the name of Jesus I thank You for all You have done for me. By the power of my salvation and every other miracle you have done for me I overcome the challenges of the enemy in the name of Jesus.



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