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Deliverance addresses the root of the problem, (Mark 11:20) to permanently remove the presence and influence of evil spirits.

So then must we go through deliverance?

Acts 10:38

Deliverance was normal for Jesus.

God anointed Jesus with the Holy Ghost and with power and he went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the devil. (Acts 10:38) For Jesus, preaching, healing and casting our demons was normal for Jesus.

After the resurrection, Jesus commissioned the disciples to preach and cast out devils. (Mark 16:17, 20)

Sometimes people do not realize that evil spirits are influencing them, and affecting their results.

Can Satan still influence me through demonic spirits when Jesus is in my life?

What we call many times - bad behavior-is influence from evil spirits. These evil spirits afflict, torment, enslave, influence and afflict people.

There’s a difference between an oppressed believer who is influenced by evil spirits and a possessed person. A born again believer cannot be possessed by an evil spirit but you can be oppressed by an evil spirit. However both the oppressed and the possessed need deliverance to permanently remove the influence of Satan from your life.

Good tongue talking believers can speak in tongues, and walk in Unforgiveness but your tongues will not seize. It’s Just like speaking a language. You don’t stop speaking just because you left the country. That’s why you can speak in tongues even when you are backdlidden.

You can live and be bound by a spirit of fear and rejection and other demonic influences but still look like a good Christian. I told a sister forgive, and when she forgave, she was healed of arthritis.

These Evil spiritual entities without bodies can enter people. That’s where the ministry of deliverance comes in. That’s why Jesus worked in Acts 10:38 to deliver all that were oppressed for God was with him.

Sickness by biblical definition is an oppression of the devil. So Every time we see the ministry of deliverance, it means that the kingdom of God has come among us.

We did not come to Christ to remain in crisis. If you are in Christ and still in crisis you need deliverance. Because it means that the enemy still has a grip of some part of your life.

Man is a three part being. When a person is born again, only your spirit is recreated. Your soul is unrenewed and your body is untouched. But Demons can influence your soul - your will, intellect, and emotions. So if you are very emotional you need help. Because as many as are led by the spirit of God, they are the sons of God. (Romans 8:14)

God gave us emotions to have them under control. When you have learned to put your emotions under control, then you are saved because your salvation is only complete when we are saved spirit soul and body. The more of the word you receive, the more you are saved.

So it’s possible for your spirit man to be saved but you make all the wrong decisions because you are controlled by your emotions. All the Quarrels, arguments, fighting, tearing one another down, come from the soul. Demons spirits have access to a soul that is not renewed.

And Because you are powerless, the ministry of deliverance is needed to free you.

Deliverance Prayer

I am tired, Worn out, and Burned out on religion

Lord I Come to you

To recover my life

I Receive my deliverance today in Jesus name!


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