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You Have A Treasure In You

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If you are reading this blog, you have either already embraced some values that determine your loyalty and priorities, or you are on your way to discovering the treasure deposited in you.

The treasure within you determines the outcome of the issues in your life. The choice between being a doer vs a non- doer. (James 1:22-23).

The choice between having positive ideas vs negative thoughts that make you stagnate. (Philippians 4:8)

The choice between abandoning habits that stifle your results vs becoming effective in life. (2 Corinthians 4:2, Proverbs 14:12)

I know many times you may feel frightened, and ineffective sometimes. You may feel embarrassed at mistakes you may have made. But I have a word for you in this season:

“You don't have much strength, I know that; you used what you had to keep my Word. You didn't deny me when times were rough.” Revelation 3:8 (The MSG)

What that means is there is a treasure in you that’s kept you, even when you had not discovered it yet!

That is why you are reading this blog.

You want the best in the issues of your life. You want results.

Women who get results invest more in discovering the treasure within, than others do.

Women who lose only do because they do not train themselves to win. They neglect researching the why's of the issues of their lives.

But here you are, reading this blog post, whether or not you know why. It is an indication that there is a treasure in you which makes you more of a winner than you may feel right now.

Woman of Grace is a search for that woman.

She is not Asian, African, European, North American, South American, Australian or from Antarctica.

She is the woman who wants MORE…

And…She doesn’t stop, until she finds the treasure.


Prophetess Lydienne


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