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Welcome To A Different World

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The often projected feminine image is soul and body.

According to this projection, the soul is the invisible part, and the body is the visible part of a woman. While this is true, it is only partially correct.

Much error exists today as a result of this inaccurate description of women. A closer look at the day to day circumstances of a woman’s life, reveals an ever present although seemingly invisible spiritual aspect of her life.

After over two decades of researching, proving and testing these findings for personal clarity on the subject, WOMAN OF GRACE is an attempt to describe every woman’s three-fold journey through life.

While WOMAN OF GRACE is not the answer to the woman’s life problems, it is my prayer that it serves as a woman’s go-to source for any information she needs to know regarding HOW to navigate the issues of her life.

Welcome to a different world, where life is supernatural.

Before your next decision, please read the scriptures and familiarize yourself with who you are.

For your own safety and long life, carefully follow the scriptural instructions and warning notices revealed to you in the Bible. Disregarding them may lead to self destructive patterns, or hurt other people.

God is not responsible for self- destructive patterns resulting from the disregard of the revelation of His Spirit in the word.

Women are different, and our results may vary depending on if and when we talk to God about our:

  • Goals

  • Hopes

  • Dreams

Your results may therefore differ from the results of other women.

The Spirit of God leads from various places to arrive at the same destination:

“Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus…” Philippians 2:5

God has not left women alone to figure out His plan for their lives. He promised “ “I will make… an help meet…” Genesis 2:18

Now come with me, as we begin a discovery of the woman: Spirit, Soul, and Body.

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